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Appliance Repair in Lodi CA - (209) 330-5156

We're a leading Lodi based appliance repair company.

Our clients come to us for all of their repair needs. We handle both personal and commercial jobs. With low rates, fast services and quality work, we never disappoint our amazing clientele.

We regularly work with small local businesses, franchise restaurants, schools and organizations in the city. If you need a reliable, trusted repair crew to have on-call whenever - our team will always have your back. Contact us and discuss your recurring need for appliance servicing and/or emergency repairs. We'll gladly help you out and form a lasting relationship with your company.

Our team is licensed, insured and vetted at all aspects of appliance maintenance and repair. We're well-coursed in fixing all different machines. We work on common household brands, foreign names and all commercial units as well.

Don't hesitate to contact us about any appliance troubles you face. One of our repair techs can visit your home or place of business today, tomorrow or whenever works for you. We're reliable for emergency appliance repairs and both our personal and commercial clientele can attest to that fact. You will be thoroughly pleased with your experience when you get any repair done one of our experts, we promise you that.

Your experience will be a predictable one. Firstly, we make arrangements with you to come inspect your faulty appliance. The technician that visits your place will be on-time, friendly and open to any questions you might have. He or she will promptly deliver an estimate for your repair - if you follow through with it, we make you pay for parts/labor alone. If you pass, we only require a fee for our time spent diagnosing your appliance.

Ready to book an appointment? Call (209) 330-5156 and let's get it done!

Refrigerator repair in Lodi CA

Is your refrigerator not as chilly as it once was?

Don't blame a hot summer for performance issues. Something is certainly wrong with your refrigerator, but rest assured you can diagnose the problem on your own with minimal skill and only a few tools.

First, double check your temperature control isn't set off or low. Whether it was a sleepwalking mistake or the doings of a terrorizing toddler, you never know: Next, also make sure no blockage exists anywhere where the fridge ventilates from - both around the fridge and freezer compartments.

Next, make sure there's not a dirt buildup around the refrigerator coils. Performance can hamper as dirt overtakes the coils, which also puts more pressure on the motor. Cleaning the coils is easy and you just need a brush that will reach, with tall enough bristles too. A handheld vacuum or vacuum attachment can also be used to clean up dirt and dust from around the fan.

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Washer repair in Lodi CA

Do you take proper care of your washing machine?

Save the service call and maintain your machine so it doesn't suffer from premature wear and tear. Many washer repair problems are simply issues that could've been prevented or delayed for years, with adequate maintenance.

First off, inspect the hoses and attachment pieces on the outside of your washing machine. Check to see if the hoses have any breakage, blistering or visible leaking. Look for signs of rust or corrosion around the hose fittings.

Both the hose and its attachments should be swapped out if there is physical damage. Please note that a damaged hose can burst and leak out more than enough water to cause serious damage to your home - potentially ruining some of your electrical outlets and light fixtures and making a sudden fire very possible.

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Dryer repair in Lodi CA

Is your dryer failing to produce heat?

If so, read on and we'll try to help you troubleshoot the problem on your own. Just remember: the cause of your dryer issues might not be visible on the surface. If you don't have a multimeter at home, there's a good chance you will need a repair professional to make a home visit to figure the problem out.

Firstly, check if the thermal fuse is blown. This fuse is responsible for preventing your dryer from heating too much. If the fuse blew out there will be no continuity anymore. You can test it with a multimeter. The fuse is typically located either in the housing for the blower wheel or around the heating element (more common with gas dryers).

If you do have a gas dryer, quite a few other causes could be to blame as well. First off, one of the gas valve solenoid coils might be damaged. These coils need to all be operational for your dryer to work properly. To test, determine whether the igniter is glowing (but not igniting) and replace all the coils if that's the case.

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Dishwasher repair in Lodi CA

So you face a need for a dishwasher repair.

Before calling in the professionals, do your best to diagnose and repair the problem on your own. Some issues are an easy fix if you know what to do and have the right tools.

Seriously, look at your dishwasher and consider where most of the parts are located. The control panel itself might seem a bit confusing. The board for it isn't something you will be able to repair if there is a technical failure. However, behind the door panel are some key parts which are easy to access, repair and replace. You also have inside the tub of the machine where you can access components like the drain and spinner arms.

Are you ready to troubleshoot your dishwasher problem? If so, make sure you have the right tools on hand before you begin. Most dishwasher troubles will require a multimeter to figure out, which is a device that's used to test for continuity and to see the amount of power that's present. You can refer to the owner manual of your dishwasher to determine what an appropriate result is and to see the wiring diagram so you know how to properly test each part of your dishwasher.

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Freezer repair in Lodi CA

We commonly hear from clients with freezers that have frozen coils.

When the coils freeze up they seize operation or only work intermittently. The amount of wear and tear on other freezer parts is a big concern here. Not only will your freezer be less efficient but it will be wearing out and, if you don't get a freezer repair done quickly, the cost of fixing it could multiply.

When coils freeze over it is usually because the defrost timer is malfunctioning. This timer is responsible for triggering the defrost heater to start working. If it won't kick on the frost will keep building up on the coils. The defrost heater is responsible for keeping the coils clean so they can keep working right.

To diagnose a potentially defective defrost timer, manually turn the timer and wait for a clicking noise. Now, power should be killed to the compressor, evaporator fan and condenser fan. At this point the defrost heater should also turn on. If it does not and there is no continuity, the heater must be replaced.

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Oven repair in Lodi CA

Does the broil element for your electric oven need to be replaced?

Whether it shorted out, makes sparks fly or simply has visible damage, this form of oven repair should be handled in a timely manner.

Thankfully, this process is pretty simple and an experienced appliance repair DIYer will have no problem swapping out the old broil element for a new one. But, keep in mind that the relevance of various online repair guides will vary - every oven and element is different and the steps you must take to replace one will sometimes differ.

First, kill power to your oven at the circuit breaker or outlet. If you kill power at the breakers make sure you shut them both off, sometimes the two breakers are not connected together. Next, take the racks out from inside of your oven. Take out the screws attached to the broil element and take the broil element supports out.

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Range/Stove repair in Lodi CA

We know our food service industry clients require super fast and reliable appliance repair services.

So, if your company needs a range repair urgently we can help. No problem is too big or small and we've seen it all over the years.

To give you a little insight, below are some common challenges we've faced while troubleshooting and repairing commercial ranges.

1. Sudden Loss of Power

A power loss could occur in a commercial range for a few different reasons. The most obvious would be if the machine was accidentally unplugged for any reason. This is very uncommon but always worth checking if there is no power to it at all. Next, the circuit breaker could have tripped or the fuse could have blown. If this isn't the issue either, try a similar appliance with the same outlet and see if there is an issue - if so, chances are the electrical outlet is faulty.

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Helpful tip

Small maintenance efforts can really increase the life expectancy and performance efficiency of your kitchen appliances. For starters, you can swap out the burner bowls and coil surface elements, affordably, on an electric oven. You can also switch in new burner grates if you own a gas oven. The door seal is another part which you can easily replace on your own, without any professional help or specialty tools. Over time, the gasket weakens and some heat is lost. Inspect it any replace if there are any gaps or if the door seal doesn't stay tightly closed.

Appliance Brands We Service

Lodi Appliance Repair Professionals services all major brands of household appliances:

Admiral, AGA, Amana, American Range, Askona, Bertazzoni, Best, Blomberg, Bosch, Broan, Capital, Carrier, Coldspot, Dacor, Danby, DCS, InSinkErator, Electrolux, Elmira Stove Works, Emerson, Fedders, Fisher & Paykel, Five Star, Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, Gemline, Gladiator, Goldstar, Heartland, Haier, Heil, Hoshizaki, Hotpoint, ILVE, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Koolatron, Krups, La Cornue, Lennox, LG, Magic Chef, Marvel, Maytag, Miele, Modern Maid, Monogram, Neptune, Northstar, Nutone, Oster, Panasonic, Payne, Perlick, Premier, RCA, Rheem, Roper, Ruud, Samsung, Sanyo, Scotsman, Sears, Serv-Ware, Sharp, Signature, Speed Queen, Sub-Zero, Summit, Thermador, Tec, Trade-Wind, True, U-Line, Vent-A-Hood, Verona Range, Viking, Vinotemp, Waste King, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, XO, Zephyr

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